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Pran Sour Yogurt (Tok Doi) 500ml

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  • It is organic & fresh.
  • No color, and no harmful chemicals.
  • 100% original and current dated product.
  • Pran Tok Doi (Sour Yogurt) available size 500ml.
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Yogurt is the aftereffect of bacterial fermentation of milk. All you require is pasteurized milk and bacteria. During this method, bacterial strains, for example, Lactobacillus and Bifidus — only two of the numerous kinds of lactic acid microorganisms — convert lactose sugars in milk into lactic acid. Standard starter cultures often number in the millions and these little guys are active as hell; presently you know why yogurt consistently contains “active culture” in the rundown of ingredients.

With quite a high volume of active bacteria chugging endlessly, the final product turns out to be remarkably tangy. For a few, that sour taste is definitely but tasty, numerous varieties of yogurt come decorated with added substances going from honey to fruit preserves to adjust the flavor.

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500 ml

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Sour Yogurt




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