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Women’s Horlicks 400gm Jar

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  • The powerful formula contains Calcium, Vitamin D, and Vitamin K2 which are demonstrated supplements for bone wellbeing. Find the science of Women’s Horlicks and start your journey to strong bones.
  • Women’s Horlicks contains 100% of every day Calcium requirement – a fundamental supplement for solid bones.
  • A caramel flavor Women Horlicks contains 100% of everyday vitamin D requirement – a supplement for helping calcium absorption.
  • Also, it contains 100% of every Vitamin K2 requirement – a supplement for encouraging Calcium tie to the bones.
  • Size 400gm
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Women’s Horlicks is one of the best sources of calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin K2. To keep up solid bones you don’t just require a satisfactory amount of Calcium yet, in addition, Vitamin D for Calcium retention and Vitamin K2 for restricting Calcium to bones, day by day. Keep in mind, Vitamin K2 isn’t usually found in the Bangladeshi eating regimen, and Vitamin D isn’t even accessible in your everyday diet.

Unfortunately, there are no visible indications of weak bones. They regularly go unnoticed over numerous years, without any symptoms or discomfort until a bone breaks.

Women Horlicks is a bone nutrition expert controlled with the powerful formula is known to help calcium arrive at your bones.

Bone is a dynamic, living tissue going through bone reestablishment which includes both bone formation and bone misfortune all through life. After the age of 30, the bone begins to lose Calcium and this is the reason women need to take a satisfactory amount of Calcium as well as Vitamin D and Vitamin K2 every day.

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