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Parachute is a hair oil brand manufacturer by Marico Bangladesh Ltd. it is one the best and market-leading brand in Bangladesh. Marico is a dominant player in value-added hair oil industries with brands like Parachute Coconut Oil, Parachute Beliphool Oil, and Parachute Advansed Extra Care.

  • Parachute Aloe Vera Hair Oil

    • Enriched with coconut oil and aloe vera extracts.
    • Keep your hair soft, strong, and silky.
    • Help to grow your hair healthy.
    • Help to repair damaged hair in everyday use.



    Tk. 60Tk. 190

    Parachute Aloe Vera Hair Oil

    Tk. 60Tk. 190
  • Parachute Beliphool Hair Oil

    • It nourishes your hair from inside and leaves it a healthy shine.
    • Enriched with Coconut oil and methi extract
    • Made with beautiful Beliphool fragrance
    • Non-Sticky hair oil
    • Nourishing your hair that leaves strenth and healthy.
    • Also, it helps to makes your hair silky and shiny.
    Tk. 75Tk. 255

    Parachute Beliphool Hair Oil

    Tk. 75Tk. 255
  • Parachute Coconut Oil

    • 100% pure finest quality coconut oil
    • It is produced using naturally sun-dried coconut
    • 5 stage purification process
    • More than 27 quality tests are performed
    • Varified tamper-proof security seal
    • Did not use any synthetic chemical or fragrance.
    • It helps to reduce hair fall and stimulates hair growth
    • Also, it makes hair smooth and silky
    • Protect against UV rays
    • Make scalp firm and soft
    Tk. 30Tk. 270

    Parachute Coconut Oil

    Tk. 30Tk. 270

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