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Rice is the main source of energy for the human body in many areas of the world. It is more than in 17 Asian and Pacific countries. Rice is synonymous with meals in Bangladesh and is eating up as many as three times a day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Bangladesh is the 4th greatest producer of rice after China, India, and Indonesia, and it is about 52 million tons of manufacturing in Bangladesh. It is cultivated in both times wintry weather and summer.

There have more than 40,000 types of rice in the world. Each country has its very own indigenous varietals. Similarly, we have various types of rice such as Chinigura, Miniket, Nazirsail, Basmati, Kalijira, Atash, and so on.

Buy Rice Online in Mirpur from Khan:

We always try to buy original rice from the market but there are many online and offline sellers who cheat customers by selling mixed rice instead of the original. This type of fraud is happening all the time, in this case, the customers have nothing to do. So, if you want to buy original rice, you have to go to the right place and the right seller.

Khan grocery shop is one of the places where you can buy rice online or offline with the original brand. Because we always focus on our customer satisfaction and demand. And We are not so stingy in paying the value of customer satisfaction.

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