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  • Meril Baby Olive Oil 100ml

    • It secures up to 10 times more moisture on wet skin than a customary lotion can on dry skin, leaving you and your child’s skin delicate and smooth.
    • It is enriched with vitamin E and specially developed for newly born babies’ skin.
    • Dermatologically tested for allergies.
    • Recommended by doctors.
    • No sulfates, no parabens, no dyes, No harsh fragrance.
    • It is non-sticky.
    • Use it for massaging your baby’s soft, smooth skin.
    Tk. 210
  • Meril Baby Powder 100gm

    • Meril baby powder provides light because of soothing your baby’s skin and leaves it feeling soft, smooth, and cozy.
    • 5 essential nutrients.
    • Hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, and specially designed for baby’s delicate skin, this powder is clinically proven mild and 100% gentle.
    • Quickly absorbs moisture and is free from parabens, phthalates, dyes, and sulfates.
    • It is great for teenagers and adults too. Try it at the beach to help remove sand, or as a dry shampoo alternative for adults.
    Tk. 85
  • Meril Baby Shampoo 110ml

    • Meril baby shampoo is as soft to the eyes as pure water.
    • It smoothly purifies hair and is mild to the eyes.
    • Just Giggles. No more tears.
    • Ph is adjusted and hypoallergenic.
    • Suggested by doctors.
    • No parabens, no formaldehyde, no dyes.
    Tk. 90
  • Meril Baby Gel Toothpaste Strawberry 45gm

    • Meril baby toothpaste best for your baby’s 1st teeth.
    • Zero fluorides with orange flavor.
    • Recommended by the doctor.
    • Helps to form strong and healthy teeth.
    • Protect against cavity and germ.
    Tk. 70Tk. 75
  • Meril Baby Gel Toothpaste Orange Flavor 45gm

    • Meril baby gel toothpaste best for your baby’s 1st teeth.
    • Zero fluorides with orange flavor.
    • Recommended by the doctor.
    • Helps to make strong and healthy teeth.
    • Protect against cavity and germ.


    Tk. 70Tk. 75
  • Meril Baby Soap 75gm

    • 5 times milder than ordinary soap.
    • Enriched with baby lotion and honey to keep baby skin soft, smooth, and moisturized.
    • Moisturizes skin while bathing.
    • Gently clean the baby’s skin without drying and irritating.
    • The presence of honey makes the baby skin radiant and healthy.
    Tk. 55Tk. 60

    Meril Baby Soap 75gm

    Tk. 55Tk. 60
  • Meril Baby Lotion

    • It is made with 5 essential moisturizers.
    • It always keeps moisturizing a baby’s sensitive skin.
    • Enhance the skin soft, smooth, and radiant.
    • Keep Ph balanced for perfect growth.
    Tk. 115Tk. 220

    Meril Baby Lotion

    Tk. 115Tk. 220
  • Meril Olive Oil 150ml

    • It is 100% pure and natural.
    • Helps to enhanced skin soft and smooth.
    • Antioxidant will helps you prevent early aging
    • It is usable for babies.
    • It helps to strengthen the bones of your kids in regular use.
    • Softly rub over your wet body, lather, and wash, morning and evening, or at whatever point required.
    • Size 150ml
    Tk. 280Tk. 290

    Meril Olive Oil 150ml

    Tk. 280Tk. 290
  • Meril Rain Shower Gel 250ml

    • Refreshing bath and shower gel.
    • Idel blend of mild surfactants gently cleanses and relaxes the skin.
    • Usage: Take a liberal measure of Rain Shower gel on your moistened hand, wash the fabric, or wet loofah. Apply softly on your body to lather. Now enjoy a healthy experience and get reviving skin after the shower.
    Tk. 250Tk. 260

    Meril Rain Shower Gel 250ml

    Tk. 250Tk. 260
  • Meril Lip Balm

    • Keep your smiles amazing and your lips ensured with the nutrient E improved Meril lip balm.
    Tk. 37Tk. 40

    Meril Lip Balm

    Tk. 37Tk. 40
  • Meril Lip Gel

    • Aloe Vera in the gel gives a therapeutic impact and assists with relief skin dryness.
    • It is accessible with citrus flavor and gives nourishment to the lips while it secures the sensitive lip’s skin.
    • Smooth on and around bare lips, alone or under lipstick.


    Tk. 30Tk. 32

    Meril Lip Gel

    Tk. 30Tk. 32
  • Meril Glycerine

    • It is used to control the moisture balance of your skin which you will, in general, lose throughout the winter
    • Mix 60% Meril Glycerine with 40% water and apply it on your skin (face, hand, lips, feet).
    • For best results apply it on its own directly after a shower while your skin remains wet.
    • Do not is on sensitive a part of your body.
    Tk. 55Tk. 95

    Meril Glycerine

    Tk. 55Tk. 95
  • Meril Petroleum Jelly

    • It prevents skin compression and relieves dryness.
    • The power of vitamin C and lemon extract moisturize the skin making it soft.
    • Vitamin C and lemon extract, it gives a defensive layer against cold.
    • You can use it on your skin, hand, elbow, lips, feet, lower leg, and other parts of the body without hesitation.
    • Can also be utilized in small scars and burned skin
    Tk. 18Tk. 85

    Meril Petroleum Jelly

    Tk. 18Tk. 85
  • Meril Milk & Kiwi Soap

    • Splash of milk for nourishing body skin
    • Kiwi extract for smooth and healthy
    • Natural Kiwi fragrance
    • 6 times more moisture power
    • Use for everyday bath
    Tk. 24Tk. 32

    Meril Milk & Kiwi Soap

    Tk. 24Tk. 32
  • Meril Milk Soap

    • Milk splash for a younger look
    • Keep smooth & healthy skin
    • Help to keep moisture and nourishing
    • 6 times more moisturising power
    • Use for everyday bath
    Tk. 24Tk. 33

    Meril Milk Soap

    Tk. 24Tk. 33
  • Meril Milk & Pomegranate Soap

    • Milk Splash
    • Pomegranate extract
    • Classic pomegranate fragrance
    • Keep cool and healthy for your body skin
    • Useable for everyday bath
    Tk. 24Tk. 32

    Meril Milk & Pomegranate Soap

    Tk. 24Tk. 32

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