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  • Ultra Zest Butter Toast Biscuit 300gm

    • With added butter! Ultra Zest butter Toast biscuit is a little sweet, crispy toast made with wheat flour.
    • It is the best option for tea time, and incredible for snacks. The hints of butter flavor add some extra energy!
    • Also, Ultra Zest butter toast is a tasty mixture of the best quality wheat and an additional portion of skimmed milk powder.
    • It is so crunchy and extraordinarily delicious that you will request more.
    • Size: 300gm
    Tk. 55Tk. 60
  • Pringles Hot & Spicy Potato Chips

    • Fulfill your snack wanting with the overwhelming taste of Pringles Hot & Spicy Potato Chips.
    • Find the mind-blowing taste of Pringles. We’ve got loads of chips up to the highest point of the can.
    • Each chip is interestingly formed and very much prepared. It isn’t oily on your fingers and in your mouth.
    • When you pop, the fun won’t stop!
    • It’s the one salty snack that hits the detect without fail.
    • Not in the least like other Potato chips, Pringles potato crisps are created utilizing a mixture of Potato, Rice flour, Corn Flour, and Wheat starch. it’s light and fresh and shows up in a can!
    • Experience the Pringles goodness today!”
    Tk. 100Tk. 225

    Pringles Hot & Spicy Potato Chips

    Tk. 100Tk. 225
  • Fu Wang Toast Biscuit 350gm

    • Made in Bangladesh with the assistance of Taiwanese technology & automatic machine.
    • Always fresh and crispy.
    • Delicious taste and perfect with tea or coffee.
    • Size 350gm.


    Tk. 50
  • Fogg Trump Perfume

    • It is a little bit strong and perfect for all types of skin.
    • Ideal for use in the party since the aroma is a little bit strong
    • 12 hours of protection against bacterial build-up and prevents body odor.
    • Long-lasting fragrance
    • It will stay in your body and clothe after the bath.
    • Delivery within 3 to 24 hours.
    • Usage: Give it a decent hard shake first to ensure all the fixings are combined before you splash it. You should hold the can around 15 cm from your body as you shower it.
    Tk. 440Tk. 455

    Fogg Trump Perfume

    Tk. 440Tk. 455
  • BPM Akher Gur 1kg

    • Sugarcane molasses is rich in calories and carbohydrate. this is why Diarrhoea patients are treated with saline made with sugarcane molasses.
    • Carbohydrate helps the body to soak up water. because of high calorie, sugarcan molasses helps you gain weight.
    • Fresh and healthy
    • Size 1kg
    Tk. 125
  • Chu Chu Pant Style Baby Diaper XL(13-20 kg) 12Pcs

    • Pant style design: 360° clastic waistband with high-quality non-stimulus soft cotton core for a close-fitting, comfortable feel, and free movement for your lovely child.
    • Transient absorbent core design: Four-layer super absorbent core for fast absorption, which keeps your baby’s skin always dry.
    • High-level breathability design: The top sheet, absorption layer including bottom materials are all made with breathable features, instantly getting out of hot humidity, keep your baby’s skin fresh and comfortable.
    • 3G leakproof design: High-quality leg & cuff elastics on both sides to prevent leakage.
    • Size & Weight: XL (13-20 kg)
    • Quantity: 12 pcs
    Tk. 420Tk. 430
  • Mum Drinking Water 500ml

    • MUM is the hottest brand within the beverage. it is pure organic mineral water.
    • Everyone has trust in MUM because it carefully keeps the rule and standard specification of the quality level of WHO, IBWA, ICDDRB, Food and Nutrition Dept. of DU.
    • Partex Beverage Ltd. Launched Mum water within the year 2001.
    • it’s instantly become the market chief in the water market, and still holds the foremost elevated piece of the general industry up to now.
    • it has now gotten one of the foremost grounded and most trusted brands in Bangladesh.


    Tk. 15
  • RS Olive Pomace Oil with Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml Plastic Bottle

    • Rafael Salgado (RS) is a Spanish olive oil brand best in quality.
    • Extra virgin olive oil highlights cold-pressed olives to supply you with tasty healthiness.
    • A cholesterol free item, no preservatives, no additives.
    • Most effectively digested kind of oil and it has little impact on the stomach and favors digestion, rapidly make a sense of fullness.
      Retains the chemical and biological attributes of the olive and has an acidity level of less than 1 percent.
      it has a fresh, verdant taste – ideal for a salad with a little sherry vinegar.
    Tk. 530Tk. 575
  • Lactogen 3 Follow Up Formula Tin (13-24 Months) 400gm

    Please consult your doctor or healthcare provider before giving any infant formula, baby food.

    • Nestle Lactogen 3 follow up formula contains L.reuteri, a mix of calcium and fat.
    • L.reuteri a healthy probiotic culture, which can help to push a healthy gut flora, regulate digestion, reducing the danger of constipation for tummy comfort, and for a cheerful child!
    • L.reuteri is a probiotic culture, found in breast milk. A spray-dried Follow-up Formula for infants after 12 months once they are not breastfed.
    • 100% calcium-rich. Lactogen 3 tin is additionally a source of calcium, DHA, vitamins & minerals. Calcium could also be a nutrient beneficial for normal bone formation and growth.
    Tk. 620
  • Lizard Mosquito Coil

    • Lizard Mosquito Coil has no harmful ingredients DDT and adrenaline.
    • Rich in D-Elithrin, which instantly kills germs mosquito and keeps your house completely mosquito-free.
    • Mosquitoes are inflicted incessantly for 12 hours, therefore the mosquitoes are terrified.
    • Very easy to separate, doesn’t break, and doesn’t burn the eyes.
    • Made within the correct quantity of material in sophisticated automatic machines, so best against all types of germ mosquitoes.
    • Unit – 1 Packet
    Tk. 75Tk. 100

    Lizard Mosquito Coil

    Tk. 75Tk. 100
  • Teer Soyabean Oil

    • Enriched with the power of vitamin-A increases immunity and prevents night blindness.
    • Enriched with the goodness of vitamin-E, its antioxidant properties keep skin and hair healthy.
    • Helps to fill the deficiency of collagen, thus prolonging youth.
    • Refined from Crude Degummed Soybean Oil (CDSO).
    • The refining cycle wipes out all the pollutions that are available in the CDSO as acid oil, dampness, gum and so forth ensuring it arrives on account of the buyers in flawless cooking condition
    Tk. 57Tk. 655

    Teer Soyabean Oil

    Tk. 57Tk. 655

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