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TEER is the most acclaimed brand of City Group with impression in eatable oil, atta, flour, semolina, rice, lentil, and sugar items. The brand is interchangeable to health, cleanliness, and greatness.

  • Teer Soyabean Oil

    • Enriched with the power of vitamin-A increases immunity and prevents night blindness.
    • Enriched with the goodness of vitamin-E, its antioxidant properties keep skin and hair healthy.
    • Helps to fill the deficiency of collagen, thus prolonging youth.
    • Refined from Crude Degummed Soybean Oil (CDSO).
    • The refining cycle wipes out all the pollutions that are available in the CDSO as acid oil, dampness, gum and so forth ensuring it arrives on account of the buyers in flawless cooking condition
    Tk. 84Tk. 728

    Teer Soyabean Oil

    Tk. 84Tk. 728
  • Teer Mustard Oil

    • It is generally produced from the best quality mustard seeds utilizing Ghani, a traditional cold press system.
    • Keep natural flavor, pungency, and essence.
    • Highly effective filtering keeps the natural color and optimum zeros solid particle content.
    • Contains tons of monounsaturated fat which prevents the buildup of the harmful cholesterol within the blood.
    Tk. 60Tk. 220

    Teer Mustard Oil

    Tk. 60Tk. 220
  • Teer Suji 500gm

    • It has been produced from the standard wheat processing method.
    • Because of including high potassium, Vitamin B, and E, Bashundhara Suji is gainful for healthy organ capacities.
    • Bashundhara Suji is profoundly acclaimed for heating and planning sweet and flavorful items like-porridge, upma, halwa, aflatoon, barfi, and so on.
    • The nutrients accessible in each pack is right for both weight reduction and diabetes.
    • Weight – 500gm
    Tk. 32
  • Teer Maida

    • The wheat goes through various customized cleaning stages that take out all toxins.
    • It is made by the greatest plant using the latest swiss technology.
    • The entire grinding and packaging process is untouched by hand to ensure incredible hygienic.
    • It is full in a food-grade LLDPE airtight fixed pack to ensure freshness and natural taste.
    • Teer maida is ideal to prepare paratha, pizza, samosa, and significantly more tasty food items.
    Tk. 51Tk. 98

    Teer Maida

    Tk. 51Tk. 98
  • Teer Atta

    • The wheat goes through many automatic cleaning stages that remove all impurities.
    • It is produced by the country’s largest mill using the newest automatic swiss technology.
    • The entire grinding and packaging process is untouched by hand to make sure good hygiene.
    • It is packed in a food-grade LLDPE airtight bag to make sure freshness and natural taste.
    • It is best to organize roti, biscuit, sliced cake, and lots of more delicious food items.
    Tk. 41Tk. 81

    Teer Atta

    Tk. 41Tk. 81
  • Teer Sugar 1kg

    • It gives the best-refined sugar that essentially makes the lifestyle sweet.
    • 100% fresh and healthy.
    • Use natural raw materials.
    • Clean and Clear.
    • Weight – 1kg
    Tk. 85
  • TEER Chinigura Rice 1kg

    • Clean and White
    • Non-sticky and delicious fragrant pulao and biryani
    • Pleasantly aromatic dish
    • Delivery within 3 hours
    • Available only for Mirpur
    Tk. 120Tk. 130

    TEER Chinigura Rice 1kg

    Tk. 120Tk. 130

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