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  • Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo

    • Deeply nourishes from roots up and reduces hair fall by up to 98%
    • Invigorates strands to diminish hair fall in only two weeks
    • Formulated with Nutrilock Actives
    • Makes hair noticeably fuller
    • Gentle equation, appropriate for ordinary use
    • Hair fall because of breakage, noticeable outcomes after 6 wash cycles
    Tk. 205Tk. 360

    Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo

    Tk. 205Tk. 360
  • Dove Dandruff Care Shampoo

    • Contains ZPTO, a clinically demonstrated anti-dandruff technology
    • Relieves an irritated scalp and takes out flakes
    • Formulated with Micro Moisture Serum to keep hair feeling delicate and smooth
    • Nourishes hair from the root to the tip making it healthy
    • sufficiently to utilize each and every day
    • there have no visible flakes with every day sue
    Tk. 205Tk. 360

    Dove Dandruff Care Shampoo

    Tk. 205Tk. 360
  • Clear Men Shampoo

    • Taurine & triple anti-dandruff technology that helps to remove dandruff.
    • Contains Guar BB18, NIacinamide (Vitamin B3), and Aminoalkanoic acid that help to scalp’s self-defense
    • Its menthol formulation keeps your scalps cool and helps to grow healthy hair.
    • Hair Strengthener to decrease breakage
    • Stops dandruff and irritation
    • Reestablishes the capacity of scalp skin boundary


    Tk. 240Tk. 399

    Clear Men Shampoo

    Tk. 240Tk. 399
  • Clear Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

    • This shampoo carries a proven nutrium oil complex method that efficiently caters to your scalp & hair needs in the least levels
    • Frees the scalp from dandruff & ensures up to 95% less hair fall
    • It eliminates dandruff and reduces grease
    • Relieves your scalp from itching
    • Gently cleanses and nourishes the scalp while leaving hair gently and glossy
    • For exceptional outcomes use a minimum of twice every week
    Tk. 195Tk. 330

    Clear Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

    Tk. 195Tk. 330
  • Clear Anti Dandruff Shampoo Complete Active Care

    • Infused by Amino Acids helps to get rid of dandruff
    • Deeply nourishing your hair and scalp.
    • Also, it will help to make healthy-looking and beautiful hair.
    • It is formulated with triple anti-dandruff technology to activate the scalp to get rid of, resist, and prevent dandruff.
    • There have no side effects or visible flakes for everyday use.
    • Helps restore the function of the scalp skin barrier
    Tk. 195Tk. 330
  • Sunsilk Lusciously Thick & Long Shampoo

    • It helps to keep nourishes hair and makes it seem multiple times thicker
    • With the Keratin yogurt extract formula, it nourishes hair from the roots so it appears thicker and you can show your stylish life.
    • The hair will bunches with you when you run or walk
    Tk. 180Tk. 310
  • Sunsilk Hairfall Solution Shampoo

    • Help to stop frequent hair breakage and hair fall.
    • No need to worry about weak, fragile, damaged hair that falls whenever you touch, brush, or comb
    • Also, it offers your hair so strong it fights against loss.
    • With the Soya vitamin extract, it deeply moisturizes and fortifies your hair.
    • Enjoy hair that’s strong and healthy with reduced fall out by up to 10 times*
    Tk. 185Tk. 320

    Sunsilk Hairfall Solution Shampoo

    Tk. 185Tk. 320
  • Sunsilk Stunning Black Shine Shampoo

    • It helps to get long-lasting shine from day to night!
    • Five natural oils extract formula moisturizes and nourishes your black hair making it look fuller and shinier.
    • help to avoid dullness and restores a healthy lustrous look.
    • Formulated with amla pearl complex
    • Co-created by Jamal Hammadi who is a shining expert in Hollywood
    • Nourishes your hair from root to tip and provides it a healthy glow
    • Available Size 180ml and 375ml
    Tk. 185Tk. 320
  • Lever Ayush Turmeric Soap 100gm

    • Purifying Soap with Turmeric
    • Gives clear and glowing skin
    • Turmeric (Haldi) is prescribed in Ayurveda for purification and additionally nicely-recognized for its antiseptic and recovery properties
    • Nalpamaradi Tailam is formulated with more than a few nice elements such as Vetiver, Peepal, and Amla
      Nalpamaradi Tailam treatment pores and skin infections & rashes, leaving your pores and skin clear and glowing.
    • Nalpamaradi Tailam is a classical oil


    Tk. 38
  • Fair & Lovely Soap 100g

    • Glowing skin with multivitamins
    • It helps to make skin soft, radiant, and glowing
    • Keep nourishing for it multivitamins
    • Fruity flower fragrance
    Tk. 38Tk. 40

    Fair & Lovely Soap 100g

    Tk. 38Tk. 40
  • Keya Lemon Beauty Soap

    • Enriched with Lemon and cocoa butter.
    • Free of noxious preservatives.
    • Re-energize all day long with the freshness of Lemon & Cocoa butter moisturizer
    • Enriched with Vitamin E.
    • 100% vegetable fats and Halal soap
    Tk. 32Tk. 38

    Keya Lemon Beauty Soap

    Tk. 32Tk. 38
  • Keya Super Beauty Soap

    • 100% Hala soap
    • It contains vegetable fat with patchouli flower extract
    • Classical natural fagrance
    • Enriched with vitamin E & cocoa butter
    Tk. 32Tk. 38

    Keya Super Beauty Soap

    Tk. 32Tk. 38
  • Sandalina Sandal Soap

    • Made from natural sandalwood oil
    • delicate skin, cleansing thoroughly, gently & naturally
    • Help to keep moisturize your body skin


    Tk. 25Tk. 41

    Sandalina Sandal Soap

    Tk. 25Tk. 41
  • Dove Beauty Cream Soap

    • Nourishing dry skin
    • Moisturising skin
    • Gentle cleaning
    • Classic moisturizing formula
    • It doesn’t dry your skin like cleaning soap can
    • ¼ moisturizing cream and moderate cleansers assist maintain skin’s moisture
    • Leaves pores and skin softer, smoother and healthier-looking
    •  It’s now not a cleaning soap – it’s a beauty bar
    Tk. 38Tk. 96

    Dove Beauty Cream Soap

    Tk. 38Tk. 96
  • Dove Beauty Pink Soap

    • Classic moisturizing components with a subtle pink color
    • Number one beauty soap bar in the World
    • ¼ moisturizing cream and moderate cleansers assist keep skin’s moisture
    • Leaves pores and skin softer, smoother, and extra radiant
    • Suitable for everyday use on body, face, and hands
    • No different bar hydrates pores and skin higher than Dove
    Tk. 38Tk. 96

    Dove Beauty Pink Soap

    Tk. 38Tk. 96

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