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Teer Soyabean Oil

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  • Enriched with the power of vitamin-A increases immunity and prevents night blindness.
  • Enriched with the goodness of vitamin-E, its antioxidant properties keep skin and hair healthy.
  • Helps to fill the deficiency of collagen, thus prolonging youth.
  • Refined from Crude Degummed Soybean Oil (CDSO).
  • The refining cycle wipes out all the pollutions that are available in the CDSO as acid oil, dampness, gum and so forth ensuring it arrives on account of the buyers in flawless cooking condition
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Teer Soyabean Oil is probably the biggest brand in the top-notch portion of refined oil customer packs. The top reviewed imported unrefined oil goes careful a-list refining cycle to make sure healthy cooking without scaling back flavor and taste. TEER edible oil offers the integrity of nutrients A, D, E, and fundamental supplements which settles on it the ideal choice for consumers searching for a pure healthy lifestyle.

The medical advantages of  Teer Soybean oil are with the end goal that it assists with growing great body resistant framework, fortifies body tissues and organs, keeps up mind work, keeps up eye wellbeing, keeps teeth healthy and strong, keeps the stomach related framework sound good, keeps up heart’s wellbeing and execution, keeps up consistent pulse, forestalls osteoporosis, controls the progress of menopause, brings down the dangers of bosom and colon cancer, prevents anemia.

Currently, it is available at various sizes of 500ml, 1 litter, 2 litter, 3 litter and 5 litter.

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500 ml, 1 litter, 2 litter, 3 litter, 5 litter

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Soybean Oil


Advanced Fortified Soyabean Oil




Refined soybean oil and vitamin A premix


City Edible Oil Ltd.

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