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Lactogen 3 Follow Up Formula Tin (13-24 Months) 400gm

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Please consult your doctor or healthcare provider before giving any infant formula, baby food.

  • Nestle Lactogen 3 follow up formula contains L.reuteri, a mix of calcium and fat.
  • L.reuteri a healthy probiotic culture, which can help to push a healthy gut flora, regulate digestion, reducing the danger of constipation for tummy comfort, and for a cheerful child!
  • L.reuteri is a probiotic culture, found in breast milk. A spray-dried Follow-up Formula for infants after 12 months once they are not breastfed.
  • 100% calcium-rich. Lactogen 3 tin is additionally a source of calcium, DHA, vitamins & minerals. Calcium could also be a nutrient beneficial for normal bone formation and growth.
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Little baby has had some noticeable changes in her eating habits since she started her first solid meal. After becoming familiar with other foods, children often suffer from flatulence, constipation, and hard stool, which may cause pain, irritability, and loss of appetite. this example is often very frustrating for the entire family.

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Lactogen 3 Tin




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