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Chichinga (Snake Gourd)

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  • Cook fry (vaji) with long size, green-hued and 100% fresh just as chemical-free Chichinga.
  • Also, you can make delicious dishes like Chichinga posto (snake gourd curry with poppy seed), Subji, vaji with chingri, and so on.
  • It has a great source of vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, and mineral.
  • Accelerate for weight loss and reduce the risk of heart diseases.
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Snake gourd is also known as Chichinga in Bangladesh. It’s scientifically named Trichosanthes cucumerina. The integrity of this green-hued vegetable has been all around respected for its great health benefits since antiquated occasions and is broadly archived in Ayurvedic massages. Today, it keeps on being proclaimed for its enormous medical advantages and is generally joined, in most popular local food across Bangladesh, just as in lightening diseases of the stomach, liver, and skin, to give some examples.

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500 gm, 1 kg

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Snake gourd (Chichinga)

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